everybody loves somebody...
"We're so different..
Between us, the time difference
became the space that will not allow us to be together"

TinTin/baka/Mar 10
formerly: ZISAIKI
Midorima Shintarou's waifu for laifu
multifandom ~ animanga ~ semi-hiatus

mukkkun replied to your post “I came here to have a good time & all I can hear right now are virtual…”
some people are really sad over the new chapter, some people think it was ridiculous and never should have happened

oohh I see… tysm for the info 。゚+.゚ヽ(●´ω`●)ノ。


i hate guys who judge breast-size. i mean, we can’t all be boobzilla.



who’s excited for SNK live action?????

I came here to have a good time & all I can hear right now are virtual screams & cries coming from the naruto fandom




I’m not saying I want to be a dragon.

but if the opportunity came up to have wings and a tail implanted along with the ability to breathe fire, I’d take it.

Would there be a waiting list for this procedure?

The waiting list is made up of all the notes on this post in order so reblog quickly and save your spot in line.